Draw quantities 11 to 20
Draw quantities 11 to 20

Draw quantities 11 to 20

Draw quantities 11 to 20

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Students can draw quantities from 11-20. They know which number is linked to each quantity.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to know how to draw quantities to 20 because then they know which quantities are linked to each number.


You're going to play bingo with the students. Everyone writes down nine numbers from 1-20. You say a number and students can cross off that number if it is on their paper. Continue to name random numbers until someone gets a bingo.


The interactive whiteboard has a tree with eleven leaves. Point at the leaves and count them aloud. Each leaf is numbered from 1 to 11. The next image shows the tree with twelve leaves. Again, point at the leaves one by one and count them aloud. Continue this until you have reached twenty leaves. To check that students understand how to draw quantities, ask the students if they know how to draw thirteen lollipops. Draw the lollipops. Do the same with nineteen lollipops. Ask the students to individually draw the correct quantity of hot air balloons. Ask them to hold up their drawings to check that they have drawn the correct quantity. Finally there is an image of a lake with flamingos. The students must say the quantity of flamingos that have been drawn. Ask the students to count aloud.

To check that students can draw quantities of objects in the correct numbers you can ask the following questions:
How do you know the quantity of objects that are drawn?
How can you make sure that you draw the right number of objects?

Guided Practice

Students use a worksheet to practice drawing quantities form 11-20.


Discuss with students that it is useful to be able to draw quantities to 20 so they know which number is linked to each quantity. To check that students have understood, as one student to come to the front to draw the correct number of clouds. Together as a class, count the drawn clouds to check that the student drew the correct amount. Ask another student to come to the front to draw flags, and again, check by counting them aloud as a class.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulties drawing quantities can write the numbers 1-20 below the objects. This way they are supported by the number line and can immediately see which number or quantity they have reached.

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