Distinguishing between different points of view
Distinguishing between different points of view

Distinguishing between different points of view

I can distinguish between different points of view.

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in this lesson, students will review what they know about point of view. They will read several passages and determine the authors' points of view, as well as conflicting points of view between characters (if applicable). They will also write their own stories with different points of view.



Learning objective

Students will be able to distinguish between their own feelings about a topic or subject and the feelings an author or character has.


Students will review the concept of point of view. They will be "detectives" in this lesson to figure out what the authors think. They will read a short passage about making bread and determine how the author feels about the bread-making process. They will read another passage about homework and determine the author's point of view and opinion of homework. Next, they will read a short passage with dialogue between two characters and determine each character's point of view. Why is it important to be able to distinguish different points of view?


Explain that students should look for the author's point of view, the point of view of the characters, and their own point of view. Students will read two passages about cleaning their room and recess, and contrast their own points of view with the author's point of view. Next, students will write a paragraph about pictures in which the point of view might be different than their own. They will then read a passage about two kids who have a conflict because they have different points of view.


Students will answer 10 questions which ask them to review key concepts and determine points of view..


Review lesson concepts with students:
- Why is distinguishing between different points of view important?
- How is conflict caused by different points of view?

Lastly, students will write about a topic that their parents have very different points of view about.

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