Digital Clock with Minutes

Digital Clock with Minutes

I can tell and write time with minutes using digital clocks.

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Digital Clock with Minutes

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In this lesson, students will learn how to properly utilize digital clocks to tell time to the nearest minute. The lesson includes engaging and interactive activities such as voting for which answer they think is correct and adjusting the digital clock tool to show the answer to provided word problems.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to properly tell and write time to the nearest minute using digital clocks.


Review what digital clocks are and how they work with students. Have students take turns with their classmates and spin the wheel to review how to tell time on a digital clock.


Begin the lesson by reviewing how digital clocks operate. Show students how the second two digits can show any number between “01” and “59” to represent different minutes in the hour. Have students look at various examples and practice saying the times out loud. Next, students read a problem and vote for which answer they think is correct, and utilize the adjustable digital clock tool to reflect their answer to presented word problems.

Have students practice reading different digital clock times out loud and use the text-to-speech tool to listen to the times being read correctly. Students then pair up with a classmate and take turns reading the adjustable digital clock tool to the nearest minute. Introduce students to the day segments including “morning,” “afternoon,” “evening,” and “night.” Have students think about an activity they do during each of these times and when they usually do them.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions.


Students will complete two word problems about “Oliver's first day of school.” They will utilize the digital clock tool to reflect their answers as well as underline the time of day they think each is most likely to occur.

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