Different points of view

Different points of view

I can recognize different points of view.

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Different points of view

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What would it be like to be a bird, or an ant, or a plant? What about a cat or dog?

All of these would have a different point of view than a human would. Point of view is somebody's thoughts or feelings about a topic or situation. The same event can be understood in two completely different ways based on somebody's point of view!

How can you determine somebody's point of view? Why is it important to try and understand somebody else's point of view?



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize and understand different points of view.


What would life be like if you were a bird? What about an ant?


Students will read a story about a carnival from two points of view. They will drag statements from each character's point of view to their respective boxes.

Next, students will read another pair of stories from a dog's point of view and a cat's point of view. However, they will need to identify the point of view in which each story is told and support their answers.


Students are given 10 problems to review concepts learned during the lesson. The problems contain short stories, and students are asked to determine the given point of view.


Students will recall what they learned:
- How can you determine a point of view?
- Why is it important to recognize different points of view?

Form students into two groups: one that has just won a baseball game, one that has just lost that same game. How do the teams think and feel about the outcome?

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