Develop points using facts, definitions, and details

Develop points using facts, definitions, and details

I can develop a topic in my writing using facts, definitions, and details.

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Develop points using facts, definitions, and details

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Students will learn about informative writing and how they can use facts, definitions, and details to develop and support the topic. Each of these is defined with examples so that students can see how they can effectively enhance their informative writing pieces. The lesson includes a printable worksheet in which students can organize and write an informative writing piece.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly, developing the topic with facts, definitions, and details.


Students will complete the graphic organizer by dragging the items into the circle map. They will drag everything that relates to the image in the circle (a lion). Introduce informative writing and explain that students should use various details and facts to describe the topic fully and clearly.


Explain the meaning and significance of facts, definitions, and details, providing examples of each. After this, students will be given a topic, and they will write definitions, facts, and details in the graphic organizer. Afterward, they will use this information to write an informative writing piece. Next, have students read the passage and identify the topic, definitions, facts, and details found in the text. Finally, they will read a passage about deserts, and annotate the text to locate the supporting details. Students will then write about the same topic using the information they’ve learned.


Students respond to 10 questions that check their understanding of the key concepts in the lesson.


Students can choose their own informative topics to write about. They will be provided with a graphic organizer to complete and then they can transfer their writing to a lined sheet. Students should either choose topics they know well or find resources from the library to help them develop ideas to jot down on their organizer to write about. A printable worksheet is included for this activity.

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