Determining perimeter using squares

Determining perimeter using squares

Students learn to determine perimeter using squares.

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Determining perimeter using squares

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The students learn how they can determine the perimeter of a shape using squares.



Learning objective

Students will be able to determine perimeter using squares.


There are shapes shown on the interactive whiteboard. Ask the students what the perimeter is of each of the shapes. Erase the cover to check their answers.


Explain that the perimeter shows how long something is if you measure around it. It is the border of the shape. You can determine perimeter by counting up the boxes around the sides of the shape. You can do this square by square. Make sure that you count every side. You can also count up the squares on each side and then add them together. Next you show the shapes and ask what the perimeter is. Erase the cover box to show the answer. After this you show shapes for which the students must determine the perimeter again.

To check whether the students understanding how they can determine perimeter, you can ask the following question:
- How do you determine the perimeter?


The students test their understanding of determining perimeter using squares through ten exercises. In each of these exercises, they must determine the perimeter of a different shape. For some of the exercises, they are given multiple possible answers to choose from. In the others, they must give an answer on their own.


You discuss with the students once again that it is important to be able to determine perimeter using squares, because then you can quickly calculate the perimeter. Show the first statement on the whiteboard and ask the students if it is true or false. If it is false, ask the students what the correct answer should be. You do the same with the second statement.

Teaching tips

When students have difficulty with determining perimeter using squares, then you can have them count the squares around the shape one by one. They can write the numbers in the squares, so they don't forget a square or a side.

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