Determine character traits

Determine character traits

I can determine characters' traits in a story.

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Determine character traits

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Students will learn what character traits are, and use models to identify different traits. The lesson will guide students to learn how a character's actions can affect events that happen throughout a story.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to list traits for a specific character in a story.


Students will list words to describe themselves. They should think of at least 3 words. Then have a partner add more to the list. From here, introduce "character traits" and explain that to determine a character's traits, you should pay attention to what the character says, does, or thinks.


Explain how to identify a character's traits, paying close attention to what a character says, does, and thinks. Go through the examples to determine the different characters' traits. Be sure to explain the difference between character traits and feelings. After this, drag the words into the correct box, "feeling" or "character trait." Next, think about a character from a story read in class and answer the questions to determine that character's traits. Read the passage and think about how the character's traits affect the events in the story. Finally, show the list of traits and have students write a few sentences about a character that shows their chosen trait. Then switch with a partner and have them try to guess the trait.


Students are given ten questions. They are asked to read a passage and determine correct character traits, and to sort words into feelings and character traits.


Students work in groups to analyze characters in a given book and list at least two character traits.

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