Desert habitats

Desert habitats

I can describe different desert habitats and explain their importance.

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Desert habitats

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In this lesson, students learn about hot and cold deserts. They will also learn about the plants and animals that inhabit these places. Students participate in a number of interactive activities and discussions to check understanding.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe hot and cold deserts and identify the animals that live in these habitats.


Begin with some prior knowledge and ask students to share what they know about habitats. What is a habitat? What are some habitats that they already know about? Review what a habitat is and present some examples like forests and oceans. Then introduce deserts. Have students share what they know about deserts.


Teach about hot deserts and the types of animals that live there. Have students drag the correct names to the images of animals. Animals include jackrabbits, iguanas, and camels. Then discuss desert plants and how they can adapt to survive with very little water. Share some facts about cacti. Check-in and review what students have learned so far. Students then circle the plants and animals that are found in a hot desert. Next, teach about the cold deserts and describe their features: hot summers, cold winters, and flat or mountainous areas. Show students images of some well-known deserts and show them the animals that call this habitat home. Finally, students drag the facts into the correct category: hot desert or cold desert.


Check student understanding with ten true or false and multiple-choice questions.


To conclude, students spin the wheel. Depending on where they land, they will share an interesting fact learned in the lesson, identify an animal found in a hot desert, or identify an animal found in a cold desert.

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