Describe matter

Describe matter

I can identify matter and describe it using my five senses.

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Describe matter

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In this lesson, students will be introduced to what matter is and how it can be described. They will then be shown the three different states of matter and how they can use their senses to describe these states.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify matter and describe the different states of matter using their five senses.


The lesson begins with a fun game of “I spy” in which students give their classmates three clues for them to guess the correct object. For example, “Something white, hard, and erasable” would be the classroom’s interactive whiteboard. Students learn that matter is everywhere and is made of small particles called atoms.


Students learn about the three states of matter and how the atoms are arranged. They then view examples of each practice identifying them with visuals. Students then learn a song to remember the three states of matter set to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell.” Next, review the 5 senses and discuss how matter can be described using each of the senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. Then students will identify words that can be used to describe apples. After this, have students use the spinner and describe the object they land on using all 5 senses.


Students respond to ten questions consisting of true or false and multiple-choice questions.


To conclude, students review what they learned and then participate in a scavenger hunt. You may choose to have students work in groups for this activity. Students will create a list of solids, liquids, and gases they see around the classroom and then use each of their senses to describe them.

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