Decomposing and composing to the thousands place
Decomposing and composing to the thousands place

Decomposing and composing to the thousands place

Decomposing and composing to the thousands place

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Students practice decomposing numbers in the thousands and composing to the thousands place from round and random numbers.


It is useful to be able to decompose and compose numbers to the thousands place so you know how much is left of a number. An example is if you buy tickets to a concert or soccer match you need to know how much money you have left to buy them.


Students drag the correct amounts to the numbers. They drag the four thousand to the 4 of 4623. The 600 to the six and so on.


Explain how MAB blocks work to the students. Ask them to compose the number 2316 by dragging the blocks to the box on the right. Show, using MAB blocks how to compose to a thousands place with thousands and ask students to practice composing. Say that you can easily compose in the thousands place if you know how to compose to a hundreds place. Students then complete the number bond chart for 1,000 using the number bond chart of 100 as support. Explain how to compose a thousands place number from a round number by counting on hundreds. Check that students are comfortable with this. Then show how you can also use the number line to show the jumps of tens, hundreds and thousands to compose your number. Have students practice composing to a thousands place from a random number using MAB blocks. Show them how to compose 10,000 on the number line and ask students to fill in the decompositions. They need to decompose the numbers in their heads.

Check that students understand decomposing and composing to the thousands place by asking the following questions:
- What can you use to support decomposing or composing to a thousands place? (MAB blocks or number line)
- Compose 5,000 from 4,000, 4,700, and 4,620

Guided Practice

Students first compose a number with hundreds, then a few with tens and hundreds with visual support of MAB blocks, and then with tens and hundreds but without visual support.


Ask students to complete the number bond charts and discuss that it is useful to be able to know how to compose to a thousands place. Can students come up with other situations in which they can use decomposing or composing?

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty decomposing and composing thousands place numbers can use the MAB blocks while working with numbers. They can place the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands as they work with the numbers to support visual understanding. They can also draw the jumps on a number line.

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