Days of the week

Days of the week

I can name the days of the week in the correct order.

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Days of the week

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Students will learn the days of the week in order. They learn which days are the weekdays and the weekend. They use the terms today, yesterday, and tomorrow.



Learning objective

Students will be able to say the days of the week in order.


Students will discuss their favorite day of the week. For example, do you look forward to ballet class or ball practice? They learn that knowing the days of the week is important to keep a schedule.


Students begin by hearing and seeing the 7 days of the week in number order. Following this, students practice saying the days of the week on their own, they are able to check if they are correct using the Gynzy flip tool and audio of the word. Another practice is provided by putting the days in order with a drag and drop exercise that is self-checking by matching the words. Students then sing the days of the week to the tune, Frere Jacques. Continuing on, students are taught that there are 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days. A drill is provided where they clap once when they hear a weekday and twice when it is a weekend. Next, students are introduced to the terms: today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Exercises follow that practice saying the day after and the day before. Finally, students practice counting days in between by answering questions such as, “If it is Wednesday, how many days until Friday?” They are given a calendar visual to help them.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students continue practicing the days of the weeks with an interactive video and sing-along video.

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