Daylight saving time

Daylight saving time

I know about daylight saving time and different time zones.

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Daylight saving time

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In this lesson, students learn about daylight savings, its purpose, and its origins. They will practice telling time in different time zones and respond to various questions pertaining to time. In the end, students will create a list of the pros and cons of daylight saving.



Learning objective

Students will be able to


The lesson begins with a table of contents that links to various activities. Begin with a 3-minute introductory video


Look at the timeline of Daylight Saving Time with the class, from the origin of the idea conceived by Benjamin Franklin to the adoption of it in the United States. After this, have students read the questions about different time zones and Daylight Saving Time. Use the information provided to discuss and answer the questions. Remove the covers to check your answers.


Students respond to 5 multiple-choice questions.


Conclude by listing some pros and cons of daylight saving time. For a challenge, set the interactive hourglass timer and see how many your students can think of in that time.

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