Counting to 100

Counting to 100

Students learn to count to 100.

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Counting to 100

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Students learn to count to 100.



Learning objective

Students will be able to count up to 100.


The interactive whiteboard shows a few numbers. Ask students to write two digit numbers with them. What is the largest number they can make? And the smallest? Ask students to say the numbers they have written out loud.


Tell students that they are going to learn to count to 100. Knowing the order of numbers is important. As a class, count from 51 to 60 out loud. Then show the sequence from 61 to 70, count this out loud. Continue with the rest of the rows from 71 all the way to 100. Practice counting a sequence of numbers, starting and ending at the given numbers. Next ask students to drag the missing numbers to complete the counting sequence. Point out that the numbers in the right sequence start with a different number than the numbers in the left sequence. The numbers that start with 7 belong in the row with 72 and 73. Continue counting and ask students to write down the missing numbers. Have them hold up their answers so you can check their work.

Check that students can count to 100 by asking the following questions:
- How do you count forward?
- Which number comes after 97?
- Which number comes after 62?


Students are given exercises in which they must count forward, and are then given exercises in which they must fill in the missing numbers from the counting sequence.


Discuss with students that it is important to be able to count to 100, so you can better learn to use numbers, and check that they can count to 100. Have students work in pairs and count to 100. The interactive whiteboard has a counting sequence with missing numbers. Have students write down the missing numbers and then compare their answers with their partners. If they both have the same numbers, they can say the numbers together out loud.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty with counting to 100, likely are not yet comfortable with the numbers to 100. Determine which numbers students can comfortably count to and then have them practice counting on one by one, potentially using a number line as a visual support, to count on to 100 out loud.

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