Counting organized quantities to 10
Counting organized quantities to 10

Counting organized quantities to 10

Counting organized quantities to 10

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Students learn to count organized quantities from 1 to 10.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is useful to be able to count to 10 to know how much of something you have. You also need this to work with numbers in the future.


Give students a number card with a number from 1 to 10. Name a number. The students who have that number, stand up. Continue naming numbers (and having students stand for their number) until you have named all the numbers 1-10.


The interactive whiteboard shows an image of 10 apples with the numbers 1-10. Demonstrate how to count to 10 with these appels. Count the apples aloud once, and then ask the students to count aloud with you. Repeat this with the stars. The next slides show amounts from 1 to 10. Count these together with the students. Next you see 7 quarters. Discuss different possible ways of counting; top row and then bottom row, or from top to bottom. To check that students can count quantities, show the students three different quantities on the interactive whiteboard and ask them to determine the matching number. Draw a line from the objects to the correct number.

To check that students can count organized quantities to 10 ask them the following questions:
What number do you start counting at?
How do you count from 1 to 10?
How many objects do you count?

Guided Practice

Students skip count in 2s and answer an open question. Next the amounts are given and students must decide how to count, and answer an open question. Encourage students to point at the objects as they count, to help them recognize which have been counted already.


Check that students are able to count organized quantities to 10. Emphasize that it is important to be able to count to 10 so you know how many of something there is. Check that students can count organized quantities to 10 by doing the exercise on the interactive whiteboard together with the students. Drag amounts to the correct boxes.

Teaching Tip

When students have difficulty with counting organized quantities to ten, they can practice saying and writing the numbers 1-10 on the number line. Ask them to say the numbers as they point at them on the number line. If students are able to skip count fluently or recognize amounts without counting they no longer need to count one by one.

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