Counting organized amounts to 50
Counting organized amounts to 50

Counting organized amounts to 50

Counting organized amounts to 50

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Students learn to count organized amounts to 50.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is important to be able to count up to 50, so you can count how many of something you have. You also need this to work with numbers later.


Ask the students to play a game. They take turns taking steps and counting sequential numbers. The first student takes steps counting every step. After a few numbers, they tag the next student, who must continue counting and taking steps. Continue through the classroom until you reach 50. To increase difficulty, you can have students skip count in 2s or 5s.


The interactive whiteboard shows three boxes of water bottles and 3 loose bottles of water. You can use this image to help explain how to count the bottles, namely first skip counting the boxes with 10 bottles in 10s and then the 3 loose bottles. Demonstrate once and then have students join you in counting out loud. Next show them different groups of ten. You can also demonstrate with the bead string, which has groups of 5. You can show skip counting in 5s, and then the leftover beads. The interactive whiteboard shows groups in different amounts. Discuss with the students how big the groups are. To check that students can count the amounts, ask them to count the apples, first skip counting in 10s and then the leftover apples. Next they count the beads, first skip counting in 5s, and then the remaining beads. The erasers can be counted in multiple ways, as groups of 5 or 10. Discuss with students how they choose to count. Finally three objects in different amounts and three numbers are given. Draw a line between the objects and the correct number.

To check that students are able to count organized amounts to 50 you can ask the following questions:
- What number do you start at?
- How do you count from 1 to 50?
- How many objects are there?

Guided Practice

Students first practice counting objects arranged in 5s, and they can choose a multiple choice answer. Next, they still count objects arranged in 5s, but must complete an open question. Finally students are given objects arranged in 10s and are asked to complete the open question. Encourage students to count out loud and emphasize that it is useful to first count the groups and then the remaining objects.


Check that students can count organized amounts to 50. Emphasize that it is important to be able to count to 50, so you know how many objects there are, and because you need this to work with numbers later. To check their understanding, discuss an exercise on the interactive whiteboard together. Students count the amounts and check to see if the given number is correct or incorrect. If they think it is correct, they must stand up, if it is incorrect, they must sit down.

Teaching Tip

If students are challenged by this goal, they can practice counting and writing the numbers to 50. They can also practice skip counting in 5s or 10s.

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