Counting organized amounts to 20

Counting organized amounts to 20

Counting organized amounts to 20

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Counting organized amounts to 20

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Students can count organized amounts to 20.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is important to be able to count amounts to 20, so you know how much of something you have. In addition, you need to be able to do this in order to do math.


Give students a number card with a number from 1 to 20. Name a number. The student who has the number needs to stand up. Then name another number, causing a different student to stand. Continue until all numbers have been named.


The interactive whiteboard has an image of twenty apples which are numbered from 1-20. You can use the image to demonstrate how to count the apples, using strategies like skip counting in 2s, 5s or 10s. Demonstrate once aloud and then ask students to count out loud with you. You can repeat this with the image of the stars. Next the numbers 1 to 20 are shown separately. You can count the amounts from 1 to 20 separately with your students. Next is an image with 15 tulips. Discuss the different ways of counting the tulips; counting the top row and then in rows, side to side, etc. After this you can practice drawing a line between the correct numbers and amounts of fruit.

To check that students understand counting organized amounts to 20 you can ask the following questions:
- Which number do you start at?
- How do you count from 1 to 20?
- How many objects are there?

Guided Practice

Students are first asked to skip count in 2s and match the number to a multiple choice answer. Next they must choose beween skip counting in 2s or 5s and then write the number they see. Encourage students to point at the objects as they count. By doing so they are less likely to lose track of the objects they are counting.


Check that students are able to count organized amounts to 20. Emphasize that it is important to be able to count to 20 because then you know how many objects there are. Check their learning by discussing the exercise on the interactive whiteboard. Students count the amounts and check to see if the number given is right or wrong. They give a thumbs up for the right answer, and a thumbs down for the wrong answer.

Teaching Tip

If students have difficulty with this goal, ask them to practice counting to 20 on the number line and practice writing the numbers to 20.

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