Counting money to 100 dollars

Counting money to 100 dollars

I can count money to `$`100.

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Counting money to 100 dollars

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Students will learn to count money up to `$`100.00. They will count combinations of coins and bills. They will apply money counting skills to a story problem.



Learning objective

Students will be able to count money up to `$`100.00.


Students will begin with a discussion reflecting on a shopping trip when they may have spent `$`100.00. Given two items, they will pick the one that is most expensive.


Students learn about paper money or bills. They learn how to recognize the `$`1, `$`5, `$`10, and `$`20 bill by the face on the front. They practice counting amounts of these bills alone, then combined. They will use the Gynzy money counting tool to count more bill combinations. Next, students review counting amounts of change. Students then practice counting bills and change that are displayed. They are reminded that sometimes change can go over `$`1, so that should be counted first. Paper and pencil might also be helpful to write down amounts when adding bills and larger groups of change. Using both coins and bills, students again practice with the Count Money tool. This time, they have money generated for them to count and check. They are also encouraged to write some money amounts of their own to count and check. This is followed by a story problem about spending money.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students are given money amounts displayed in two different ways. They respond with thumbs up if it is correct and thumbs down if it is wrong.

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