Counting money to 10 dollars

Counting money to 10 dollars

I can count money to ten dollars.

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Counting money to 10 dollars

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In this lesson, students will practice counting money up to $10.00. They will count coin combinations and combinations of coins and bills.



Learning objective

Students will be able to count money up to `$`10.00!


Students will engage in a discussion of when they have earned or spent money. Ideas will be written on the board. They will also be encouraged to discuss the importance of saving money.


The discussion will lead into the importance of accurately counting money. Coins and their values will be reviewed. Students will practice skip counting each coin value. For example, they will count quarters by 25’s. Instruction follows on counting combinations of coins. Specifically, ordering the coins from greatest to least and then using skip counting. Groups of coins are provided to count. The students are also encouraged to count coins up to a value in more than one way. A matching exercise is presented for additional practice. Next, instruction is given on counting paper money or bills. Students will complete an exercise determining who has the most money when given sets of bills and coins. Finally, students count money to determine if it is enough for a purchase.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


In a virtual “store”, students will select 3 items that are $10.00 or less. They will count out the money for their purchase.

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