Counting disorganized quantities to 10

Counting disorganized quantities to 10

Counting disorganized quantities to 10

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Counting disorganized quantities to 10

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Students learn to count disorganiezd quantities to 10.

Common core standard(s)



Explain that it is important to be able to count quantities to 10, so you can count how many of something you have. You also need to be able to count to work with numbers later.


The interactive whiteboard shows the numbers 1 to 10. Say the number line aloud. You can do this in different ways, for example in a high or low voice, or loudly or quietly.


The interactive whiteboard shows ten apples. Use this image to show how to count. Explain that it is useful to point at the apples as you count. By pointing you make sure that you don't count an apple twice, or forget to count an apple. Show that you can count the apples in different directions- from top to bottom, or left to right. Demonstrate this once and then have students count aloud with you. Next the interactive whiteboard shows a number of strawberries. One strawberry is labelled 1. The numbers 2-10 are on the side and can be dragged one by one to the remaining strawberries as you count to 10. To check that students can count quantities ask them to practice. In the pracice exercise, ask students to count the apples in the tree, by asking them to drag them to the bucket.. Every apple that is taken from the tree should be counted aloud. In the next exercise, students count the quantities and draw lines to the matching number.

To check that students can count disorganized quantities to 10 you can ask the following questions:
What number do you start at for counting?
How do you count from 1 to 10?
How many objects do you count?

Guided Practice

Students first count the objects they see, and then answer the open question. Next they are asked how many are in an image, and have to write the answer. They then are asked to find the correct object and correct number. Encourage students to point at the objects as they count, to keep better track of them.


Check that students are able to count objects to 10. Emphasize that it is important to be able to count to 10, so you know how many objects there are. You check their learning by discussing the image on the interactive whiteboard. Check your answers by erasing the grey boxes.

Teaching Tip

If students have difficulties counting disorganized quantities to 10, ask them to practice counting 1 to 10 on the number line.

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