Counties, cities, towns, and villages

Counties, cities, towns, and villages

I can differentiate between a county, city, town, and village and describe...

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Counties, cities, towns, and villages

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This presentation describes different communities including towns, villages, and cities. At the end of the lesson, students will research their own communities and share the information they find.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to compare communities and identify the county in which they live, noting where their city, town, or village is within that county.


First, students will talk to a partner about their communities. Have them describe where they live. What kinds of places are nearby? What do the homes look like? What kinds of services are available to them? Have the class compare and contrast their responses, sharing similarities and differences.


Explain the importance of appreciating and learning about diverse communities. These communities affect students’ daily lives. Begin by explaining what a county is. It is the largest and is made up of numerous cities, towns, or villages. Counties provide services like public safety and access to education. Ask students if they know what county they live in. Next, explain the differences between villages, towns, and cities. After this, have students drag the words to the correct place on the pyramid from biggest to small. Then use the t-charts to compare the different communities. Finally, read the sentences and have students identify whether they are describing a county, city, town, or village by circling the correct word.


Students will research to find more information about the county they live in. Do they live in a town, village, or city? Where in the county is it located? Find a map of the county. How many people live in this county? Students can present this information in writing, or with a visual presentation!

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