Connections between two ideas

Connections between two ideas

I can make a connection between two ideas.

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Connections between two ideas

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Making comparisons helps us analyze information. Identifying contrasts between two objects or ideas is also important.

Cause and effect is also a concept that helps students organize information. These concepts are reinforced with pictures and quick activities.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to make connections between two different ideas.


The first slide has a fun Spin-the-wheel activity in which students are asked to think about the similarities and differences between two objects.

What is a connection? Students will discuss what they were doing when they thought about similarities and differences between those objects.


Students will drag similar objects into baskets. They will then discuss what they noticed about the objects with a partner. They will also read through different scenarios and make connections to different ideas that were mentioned in them.

Students will then review what it means to compare and contrast, as well as the definitions of cause and effect. They will then read some more scenarios and tell the cause and effect of them.


Students are given ten questions in which they determine what connects two ideas, and what it means to compare/contrast as well as what cause/effect are.


Review the definitions of inference, compare/contrast, and cause/effect. Students will complete an exit ticket by reading a passage about a dog and writing about the similarities and differences of the characters.

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