Connection between series of historical events
Connection between series of historical events

Connection between series of historical events

I can make connections between a series of historical events.

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Connections are how things relate. We can make connections between the events within a series of historical events by determining cause and effect connections and sequencing events in the order they happened. The lesson includes several practice passages, a maze, graphic organizers, and more! Click on the yellow sticky notes throughout the lesson to read directions.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the connection between a series of scientific ideas or concepts in a text.


Students will be given 3-4 daily events and they will drag the events of the day in sequence into the timeline boxes. Then explain how just as we sequence events in order for stories or for activities, we can sequence historical events in the order they happened. This is one type of connection we can make between a series of historical events.


Explain what a cause and effect relationship is and read the passage about Jackie Robinson. As a class, determine the cause and effect connections. Next, go over sequencing, and read about the invention of paper in ancient China. As a class, sequence the events. After this, read the passage about Harriet Tubman and have students draw a line to match the cause to the appropriate effect. Students then complete the sequencing maze for this text. Next, read the passage about the invention of the telephone and practice making connections.


Students respond to 10 questions in which they review the key elements of the lesson. Students are asked to determine sequence, to identify what makes a historical text and identify cause and effect.


Sequencing: Spinner activity where students are given a historical sequence text. Students read, then they spin the wheel and answer questions about the sequence/text.

Cause and effect: Multiple boxes of short cause and effect historical texts. Students have to name the cause and name the effect for each. Each time students get the correct answer, they can drag a “sticker” to place onto their chart on the slide!

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