Connect opinion and reasons with linking words

Connect opinion and reasons with linking words

I can connect my opinion and reasons with linking words.

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Connect opinion and reasons with linking words

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Students learn to use linking words to connect opinions and reasons within their writing.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use linking words like "because," "therefore," and "since" to connect their opinions and reasons.


Have students share their opinions and keep a tally of their classmates' opinions. Let them argue why their choice is the best.


Linking words introduce ideas and connect key information. Use the following slides to introduce because, since, therefore, and for example as well as providing an example of the linking word used in a sentence. Now that you know what a few linking words are, instruct students on how to use them in their own opinion writing. You start with stating your opinion, then use a linking word to connect to a reason that supports your opinion. Practice as a class with the given prompt. Ask students to select which linking word belongs in the given examples. Students are then asked to drag the parts of an opinion text into order, starting with the opinion, and then giving transition/linking words and reasons. Discuss the answer as a class. Then give students the writing prompts on school uniforms and junk food. Have them write for a predetermined amount of time and then read an example from the interactive whiteboard before asking students to share from their own work.


Students get a set of ten questions to check their understanding of key concepts given in the lesson. They must also determine which linking words are used and what the opinion, reason and linking words are in a text.


Repeat the learning goal of being able to connect their opinions and reasons in their writing. Remind them that they make their writing stronger when they correctly link their reasons to their opinions because they better express themselves. Close by drawing lines to match the opinions to the reasons.

Teaching tips

You can also choose to have students play "opinion/reason" memory- where students write opinions and reasons that support that opinion on cards and then play memory, turning over the cards and trying to match the opinions and reasons.

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