Connect ideas with words, phrases, and clauses

Connect ideas with words, phrases, and clauses

I can connect similar and different ideas using words, phrases, and clauses.

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Connect ideas with words, phrases, and clauses

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Students will learn about how they can make connections between similar and different ideas using various words, phrases, and clauses in their informative writing. Examples are provided and in the end, students practice writing their own sentences.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify words, phrases, and clauses used to connect similar and different ideas.


1-2 sentences are provided with blank spaces. Students will drag and place from a bank, the words/clauses/phrases that fit best in the blank line to connect the ideas. Explain that the purpose of informative writing is to teach or convey ideas about a topic or idea. Thus, it is important for such ideas to be conveyed in very precise and clear language, especially if it is the first time the reader is learning that topic.


Provide students with examples of transition words and phrases they could use and show them being used in context. Activities include:

- 2 columns: The left side contains 1 sentence/phrase, and the right side contains out of order sentences/phrases that correspond to the first column (that begin with the words, phrases, and clauses that connect the 2.) Students will draw lines to connect the ideas in the columns.

- 3 columns: Column 1 - 1st idea, Column 2 - connecting word/phrase/clause, Column 3 - 2nd idea. Draw a line to connect them all.

- Given a spinner, students have to use the provided connecting word, phrase, clause in a verbal sentence to connect two similar or different ideas. (This can be split into two spinner activities- one for similar idea connectors and one spinner for different idea connectors).

- Students will choose two images and drag them into the boxes. Then they will use the words and phrases they've learned to tell how the two images are similar or different.


Students respond to 10 questions about various compare/contrast linking words and determine what the linking words demonstrate in a given text.


Students are given a list of connecting words/phrases and they should check off 3 from that list. They will then write sentences using their chosen words, phrases, or clauses. You can provide students with a topic to focus on for this activity, such as an aspect of a story or novel read in class. A printable worksheet is included for this activity.

Instruction materials

Printable worksheet

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