Conflicting information on the same topic
Conflicting information on the same topic

Conflicting information on the same topic

I can analyze conflicting information on the same topic.

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In this lesson, students will



Learning objective

Students will be able to analyze conflicting information on the same topic and determine which information is most reliable.


Students will read a short passage and determine the author's point of view. Next, they will read the statement, "There is nothing better in the morning than an egg and cheese sandwich," and determine if it is fact or opinion. Discuss why it is important to analyze conflicting information about the same topic.


Explain the concepts of comparing and contrasting. When analyzing conflicting information, students should ask," Why is this detail different?" Students will write an argument in response to the prompt, "Should kids be required to attend gym class?" and compare and contrast it with a sample argument. Next, they will compare and contrast two conflicting viewpoints about high school employment.


Students will respond to ten questions in which they review key concepts and read two paragraphs and analyze them.


Students will recall:
- Why is it important to analyze conflicting information?
- Are all facts reliable? Why or why not?

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