Complex sentences

I can produce complex sentences.

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Complex sentences

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In this lesson, students will learn what makes a complex sentence (independent +dependent clause). Students will learn about subordinating conjunctions and that you need them in order to join the independent and dependent clause to form a complex sentence.



Learning objective

Students will be able to produce complex sentences.


Students see an image and are given the first part of a compound sentence which will be the dependent clause, and then students have to finish the sentence with the independent clause. Complex sentences are important because they help make writing more interesting and allow the writer to include more information in a single sentence.


Students will be introduced to complex sentences: complete sentences that have an independent clause and a dependent clause. They will go over independent and dependent clauses, as well as look at some examples of complex sentences.

Students will work toward writing complex sentences with a series of activities. Students will read sentences that are simple, compound, and complex. They will indicate whether it is a complex sentence. They will also complete sentences with subordinating conjunctions. Students will read two sentences and identify the independent and dependent clauses. Next, they will rearrange the parts of sentences in order. (Each box contains words, phrases, and punctuation marks that are out of order and jumbled up. Students have to put them in order to form complex sentences. Then, students will be given a spinner and on it will be different subordinating conjunctions. They can spin it and use the conjunction in a complex sentence they make up (verbal


Review complex sentences by identifying independent and dependent clauses, identifying complex sentences, and completing sentences with subordinating conjunctions.


Have students recall the definition of a complex sentence and examples of subordinating conjunctions.

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