Comparing numbers to 50

Comparing numbers to 50

Comparing numbers to 50

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Comparing numbers to 50

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Students learn to compare the numbers from 20 to 50 and are able to say when a number is more or less.




Say a number that is on the interactive whiteboard. The students must point at the number you have said. Ask students if they know how to say the other numbers on the board.


Show the number line on the interactive whiteboard and explain to students that the number line shows the value of numbers and that it increases from left to right. The further a number is on the number line, the bigger it is. Give a few examples and use the number line. Compare a few numbers as a class.

Check that students are able to compare numbers to 50 by asking the following questions/assigning the following tasks:
- When is a number more than or bigger than another number?
- How do you know if a number is more or less?
- Which number is more than 44? How do you know?
- Write down a number that is less than 35.
Write down a number that is more than 23.


Students first practice with the terms more and less with two options to choose from. Next, they are asked about most and least with a minimum of three options to choose from. Finally, students choose from four options to select their answers.


Discuss with students that it is important to be able to compare numbers so you can, for example, find your seat at a concert. Check that students know to use the number line as a support tool in comparing numbers. Check that students know how to compare numbers by doing a few exercises on the interactive whiteboard. Ask students to drag the correct number to the trash can.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty comparing numbers can make use of the number line. Have students place numbers on the number line as a first step to help visualize the fact that smaller numbers come first, and bigger numbers come after. By placing all the numbers, they have also set them in order.

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