Compare and contrast two texts on the same topic

Compare and contrast two texts on the same topic

I can compare and contrast the most important points and key details...

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Compare and contrast two texts on the same topic

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Students learn to compare and contrast two texts on the same topic. Students practice determining which details about a pair of texts are similar and which are different and practice comparing and contrasting.



Learning objective

Students will be able to similarities and differences between two texts and use graphic organizers like Venn diagrams to organize their thoughts.


As a class, fill in the Venn diagram to list the similarities and differences between cats and dogs. Refresh or refine the student's understanding of the words compare- identify things that are the same, and contrast- identify what is different.


Students drag to categorize the given words as comparing or contrasting words. Explain to students that they can also use a Venn diagram to help visualize their thinking or comparison of texts. As a class, read the two texts given, and complete the Venn diagram together. Read the next text as a class, and ask students to form pairs in which they answer the multiple-choice questions. Two more sets of texts are given- you may choose to compare and contrast them as a class or to ask students to work individually or in groups or pairs.


Students are given ten questions. These check their understanding of the key concepts discussed during the lesson and ask them to read two texts and answer questions about them.


Discuss the importance of being able to compare and contrast two texts and explain that being able to do so will make you a better reader and better able to determine how useful a text can be for you when you are searching for information. Close the lesson with an activity. Spin the wheel and answer the question the spinner lands on.

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