Compare and contrast similar patterns of events in stories
Compare and contrast similar patterns of events in stories

Compare and contrast similar patterns of events in stories

I can compare and contrast similar patterns of events in stories.

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Good readers can make comparisons of different elements between stories including the different patterns of events. In this lesson, students will practice this skill and be given a list of keywords and sentence frames that can be used when they compare/contrast.


CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.4.9; CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.5.9

Learning objective

Students will be able to determine the similarities and differences between the events in two different stories.


Students will be given a spinner with different familiar stories (like Snow White and The Frog Prince) for each segment of the spinner. They will spin twice for 2 stories. Then they will be prompted to make comparisons between the stories. They can repeat the activity if they would like to or if they are not familiar with one of the stories.


Review what it means to compare and contrast then provide students with useful words, phrases, and sentence starters. Model the skill and read the two passages together to compare and contrast.

Practice activities include:

- Compare and contrast: Look at the two pictures. Each is an event of different stories. Compare and contrast the pictures. You may circle similarities in 1 color and circle differences in another color. Talk about how you compared and contrasted them in turn/talk partnerships. (Sentence frames are provided.)

- Students will be given a sequence of events in the form of pictures. Students will then compare and contrast in a graphic organizer.

- Scaffolded events/stories: Story 1 and story 2 are broken down into a graphic organizer (B, M, E). Students will fill in a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the events in both stories.


Students respond to 10 questions and they will read various passages that they will need to compare and contrast.


Students will read two short passages. They will compare and contrast the events of the short passages in a graphic organizer. An accompanying worksheet is provided.

Instruction materials

Printable worksheet

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