Compare and Contrast settings and events in a story
Compare and Contrast settings and events in a story

Compare and Contrast settings and events in a story

I can compare and contrast settings in a story.

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In this lesson, students will read several passages and identify the settings. They will also compare and contrast these settings and determine how they impact the stories. At the end, they will write their own short passages with different settings.



Learning objective

Students will be able to compare and contrast settings in a story.


Students will review the concept of setting by reading a short passage and answering questions. Thye will read another short passage and answer questions about how the characters are feeling. Explain why comparing and contrasting stories is important.


To practice, students will fill out a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting "During Christmas" and the "Rest of the year." Next, they will complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting their hometown "100 years ago" and "Present day."

Next, students will read two short passages about Cinderella and describe the settings and how Cinderella feels. They will fill in a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two passages. Then, they will discuss other stories that have two different settings that affect the characters and/or the events of the story.


Students will respond to ten questions in which they review key terminology and are asked to compare and contrast given texts.


Students will recall what they learned:
- What is a setting?
- What does it mean to compare and contrast?
- Why is it important to compare and contrast settings within a story?

Students will choose two countries they'd like to visit and compare and contrast them. They will write a paragraph with that information. As an exit slip, students will write their own passages that contain two settings of their choice.

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