Common types of texts

Common types of texts

I can identify and use different types of texts.

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Common types of texts

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This lesson goes over various types of texts and forms of text students may encounter, including fiction books, nonfiction books, poems, newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, recipes, menus, and websites.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and use different types of texts.


Students will search for items that can be read in pictures of a store and a bedroom. They will review what a text is and sort objects into the categories, "Texts" and "Not Texts."


Students will review or be introduced to the two kinds of books: fiction and nonfiction. They will look at four books on the slide and move each to see if they are fiction or nonfiction books. They will also take a look at poems ("Jack and Jill") and their rhyming words. Students will look at newspapers and magazines as well.

They will then read or listen to the steps to make grilled cheese and drag the corresponding images to the right step. They will also label or drag pictures to restaurant menus.

Then, they will talk about people reading online by going on websites. They will review the types of texts discussed in this lesson by classifying images.


Students will review types of texts with 10 questions.


Students will go on a classroom text hunt to find all the different types of texts in the classroom!

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