Commas in addresses

Commas in addresses

I can use commas correctly when writing an address.

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Commas in addresses

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In this lesson, students will learn where commas are needed in addresses and what might happen if addresses aren't written correctly. They will correct addresses written incorrectly and write other addresses themselves.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use commas correctly when writing an address.


Students will talk to a partner about a time when they sent or received something in the mail. Next, students will look at an envelope and check the addresses. Explain that addresses need commas.


Show students the format of an address that includes the person's full name, street address, city, state, and zip code. Students will write their own addresses. Discuss why it is important to write addresses correctly.

Students will read a few addresses and indicate whether the addresses are correct by walking to different sides of the classroom. Show how addresses can be written all on one line as well. Students will also correct addresses by adding commas. Then, students will read a short passage about a girl named Juliette visiting her aunt. They will write the addresses mentioned in the passage.


Students will respond to ten true/false and multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall what they learned about commas in addresses:
- Where is the comma located in an address?
- How do I write an address all on one line?
- Why is this important?

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