Color quantities 11 to 20
Color quantities 11 to 20

Color quantities 11 to 20

Color quantities 11 to 20

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Students can color quantities from 11-20. They know which number is linked to each quantity.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to be able to color quantities to 20, so you know which number and quantity are linked.


Say a number and ask the students to write the number down. The students can hold up the number to check their answers.


The interactive whiteboard shows twenty squares with the numbers 1 to 20. Point at the squares and count them aloud. Tell that you can color the squares. First you show the row of squares where 11 are colored. Point at the colored squares and count aloud. Next the students see twelve colored squares. Again, point at the squares as you count them aloud. Repeat this until you reach twenty colored squares. Tell the students that the top row is always ten objects and that they can count on from there. Tell students that they can also count back from twenty. To check that students know how they should color a quantity, show the row with candies. Thirteen need to be colored. Color the candies (or drag the first 13 away to uncover colored candies) to give an example. Repeat this with sixteen candies. Next show the snails on the interactive whiteboard and ask how to color eighteen. Color the snails (or drag eighteen snails away to uncover colored snails) to show the correct answer. Finally show the colored apples and ask how many are colored. Ask students to count aloud.

To check that students know how to color quantities you can ask the following questions:
How do you know the quantity of objects that are colored?
How can you be sure you color the right quantity of objects?

Guided Practice

Students use a worksheet to practice coloring quantities from 11-20.


Discuss with students that it is useful to be able to color quantities to 20 so they know which number is linked to which quantity. To check that students have understood, practice with the statements on the interactive whiteboard. Students have to say if the colored objects match the quantity or not. If it is correct, they stand up, if it is incorrect, they sit down.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulties coloring to 20 can write the numbers 1-20 below the objects. In this way they have the support of the number line to immediately see which amount they have reached while coloring. Ask them to count the colored objects one by one. Ask students looking for a challenge if they can recognize quantities without counting them one by one.

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