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Class Schedule

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With our "Class Schedule" feature, you can make a schedule for your classes using the various images provided. You can then display the schedule on your whiteboard and make it visible to your classes. Because the time on the schedule is automatically updated, the schedule is always up to date.


The Class Schedule is an integrated part of the board. You can enable or disable it from the board, via the toolbar behind the “...” button. Unlike other tools, you don't add the Class Schedule to a lesson, but enable it as an extra function of the board. When you enable the class schedule, it "floats" above the lessons you open on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Once enabled, you can expand or collapse the schedule with the arrow button at the top right of the screen. The timeline moves automatically so that the current time remains on the screen. However, this automatic movement stops if you choose to adjust the timeline using the scroll buttons.

You can adjust the class schedule in the settings. Here, you will choose a day, then you can drag images for that day to the timeline, creating a time block for that activity. You can adjust or move the length of the activity by clicking on it. You can also add a description to an activity.

If your schedules differ from the days of the week, use the ABCD days. These schedules do not depend on a weekday.

In the settings, you can also select "Composite class" to display a second schedule. This way, you can show two different schedules on the timeline.

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