Cite evidence for support

Cite evidence for support

I can cite evidence from the text to support my inferences.

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Cite evidence for support

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In this lesson, students will read several fiction texts and answer questions that require them to make inferences and provide evidence to support their thinking in discussion and in writing. Students will highlight evidence from the text to support their claims and inferences.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to cite evidence from the text to support their inferences about the text.


Students will put themselves in the shoes of a detective who’s been tasked with figuring out who committed a recent crime in the neighborhood. Students will share a scenario and the steps needed to solve their case. Assist students in understanding that detectives would look for clues and evidence to prove their theory about the crime as we would to support our points as readers!


Explain that when answering text-based questions it is important to cite evidence to support answers/inferences. Remind readers they should go back in the text and find details to prove their thinking. Citing evidence shows readers' claims are accurate and based on something they’ve read. Citing evidence is an important skill to have as it requires readers to think deeply and analyze the text.


Students will respond to 10 questions including 5 true/false, 4 multiple choice, and 1 short answer.


Students will continue to practice highlighting details to cite evidence from the text as they answer fiction text-based questions in writing.

Teaching tips

Try to get students into the habit of using previously learned transition words such as “for example, for instance, additionally, also, etc. as they reference specific quotes from the text in their discussion and in writing. They should also use specific quotes as strong evidence rather than paraphrasing text.

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