Citations and bibliographies (MLA)

Citations and bibliographies (MLA)

I can cite my sources.

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Citations and bibliographies (MLA)

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In the lesson, students will learn why they should cite their sources and how to create a bibliography. They will be using MLA format.



Learning objective

Students will be able to cite my sources.


Students will review plagiarism and how to avoid it in preparation for a discussion on citing sources.


Students will learn what it means to cite sources and create a bibliography. They will learn in-text citations, in addition to full citations for their works cited/bibliography in MLA format. They will also practice citations for both print and online sources.

Students will engage in activities to test their understanding that include: finding all the key information needed for a print citation, finding all the key information needed for a web citation, converting key information into a standard citation format (MLA), adding in text citation to quotes/paraphrased ideas, and racing their classmates to find sources and cite them for a number of given claims.


Review how to cite sources with 10 questions.


Students will do some quick research to answer a fun question which they will then cite.

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