Castles of the Middle Ages
Castles of the Middle Ages

Castles of the Middle Ages

I can explain the purposes, types and some common features of castles...

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Students learn the three basic forms of castles in the Middle Ages and learn the common features of castles of the Middle Ages.



Learning objective

Students will be able to explain the purpose, types and some common features of castles that were built during the Middle Ages.


Have students discuss the questions about forts and castles in groups or pairs. Have some students share with the whole class. Explain the purpose of castles to the class. Tell students that they were protective structures as well as symbols of power for those who had them built. Discuss that it is important to learn about castles so that we can better understand how human knowledge and technology change over time.


Introduce students to the three main types of castles built during the Middle Ages. These are the motte-and-bailey, stone keep, and concentric. Each type of castle is further detailed and some real-life examples are given. Describe some of the common features of castles of the Middle Ages. Point to each of the features on the image on the interactive whiteboard and describe how they were used and what their function was. Ask students if they can now drag the names of the features to the elements indicated on the interactive whiteboard. Next, show the map listing some of the famous castles of the Middle Ages.


Students are then asked to answer true/false questions covering key concepts taught in the lesson. They also are given some multiple-choice as well as fill in the blank questions covering the features of a castle and the types of castles.


Discuss what you learned about castles of the Middle Ages. Extend their thinking to what a "modern" castle might be. What important buildings function like castles?

Instruction materials

Optional- extra pictures of famous castles of the Middle Ages to help contextualize names.

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