Books can tell stories or give information
Books can tell stories or give information

Books can tell stories or give information

I can read books and tell whether they tell a story or give information.

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In this lesson, students will learn that authors sometimes write entertaining stories and sometimes they write text to inform. They will read several examples and learn about the different characteristics of each.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to differentiate between books that tell stories and books that are informative.


Explain that authors sometimes use their imaginations to write stories that include characters, events, and settings. Other authors write books with facts about a particular topic. Ask students to think about some of the books they have read! Did they tell a story or did they teach about a topic?


Read two passages with the class. Both are about sea turtles, but one is a story about Tommy the Turtle, while the other is an informative text. Compare the two types of text together with the class. Explain that stories often have illustrations while informative texts may include photographs. One entertains, while the other teaches. Have students drag to sort the characteristics listed. Read the two passages and discuss how you know whether it is a story or an informative text.


Students respond to 10 questions to check understanding and practice identifying stories or informative texts.


Review what was learned then read the different passages. Decide if they tell a story or give information. How can they tell?

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