Black History Month (3-5)

Black History Month (3-5)

I can explain the importance of celebrating Black History Month.

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Black History Month (3-5)

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This lesson aims to encourage students to remember that Black history is part of our everyday lives. Students will be introduced to some of the contributions of Black artists, inventors, activists, and the impact they have had on American culture and history. The origins of Black History Month will be introduced as a celebration of the contributions made in the past and present by Black Americans.



Learning objective

Students will be able to explain the importance of celebrating Black History Month.


Students will discuss what they know about Black History Month and why it is important to celebrate it.


African American inventors have created many important items that we use every day. Students will discuss how these inventions have changed everyday life and the world. Students will also learn about the Harlem Renaissance and the amazing music, art, and literature created during that time. They will also discuss the Civil Rights Movement, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, sit-ins, and John Lewis. Students will also learn about Maya Angelou and her contributions to the world. They can use ideas they learned from this lesson in their lives.


Review concepts with 5 true/false and 5 multiple-choice questions.


Students will reflect on what they learned about Black History Month. They will then complete an activity where they research another Black contributor that they are inspired by and write a dialogue.

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