Bingo with letters or numbers
Bingo with letters or numbers

Bingo with letters or numbers

Play Bingo with letters or numbers

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Play Bingo with your class! Download and print the bingo cards. When everybody is ready, you can start the game. Play by row or complete card to get BINGO. This lesson is an example of how you can use the Letter Generator and the Number Generator. You can play this game with over 40 participants.

Common core standards



Choose one of the ready-made games. You can pick from bingo with numbers or letters in various variants. For each variant, bingo cards are available for download. Print the cards, cut them into smaller pieces to have one bingo card per participant or team. When the game can start, you can use the shuffle button of the Letter or Number generator to pick a random letter/number call it out. Place the green tokens over the letters/numbers that have been picked to keep track of the game (or don't if you want to make the game a bit harder).

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