Bingo: Instrument Sounds
Bingo: Instrument Sounds

Bingo: Instrument Sounds

Play bingo with instrument sounds.

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Listen carefully to the sound. Is the instrument you hear on your bingo card? Then place a token on the instrument. The first student to fill their card is the winner!


Download and print the bingo cards. (Tip: Laminate the cards so you can reuse them.)

After printing the bingo cards you're ready to go. Select a stack from the starting page. You will see a card with a music case and a sound button. Click the sound button to hear the instrument. If the instrument heard is on a bingo card, place a token on the bingo card. To check which instrument it is, drag the music case away. Click the 'Next" button to go to the next instrument. Continue until the first person fills their bingo card.

Does someone have a bingo? Check their bingo card by uzing the covered squares at the top of the page. That tracks which instruments have been heard. Is it a real bingo? Then click "Bingo" to celebrate! Want to play another round? Shuffle the bingo cards and select another stack from the start page.

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