Automaticity addition to 20

Automaticity addition to 20

I can solve addition facts to 10 and 20.

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Automaticity addition to 20

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Students will practice automaticity with addition facts to 20. Students will be reminded of “tips” throughout the lesson such as using the commutative property, working with doubles and doubles plus one, and adding with 9’s.



Learning objective

Students will be able to solve addition facts to 10 and 20.


Students will review the idea of thinking mentally. They are shown 10 objects to study for two minutes, then they will see how many they can list from memory. This is applied to solving math facts quickly by doing them mentally in your head.


Using the Gynzy problem generator, students will review the facts with answers to 10. This is followed by a review of the tens combinations and how the commutative property can help you recall facts quickly. Students then practice the doubles facts, and doubles plus one facts. The lesson continues with a drill of 20 facts on a timer which can be adjusted to further challenge the students. Strategies of adding a 9 and working with larger numbers by putting a ten together are reviewed, and followed by timed Gynzy flashcards.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will review facts by using the commutative property to write two facts represented by dominoes.

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