Automaticity 2 times table
Automaticity 2 times table

Automaticity 2 times table

Students practice automaticity for the 2 times table.

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Students practice automaticity of the 2 times table.



Learning objective

Students will be able to memorize the 2 times table and can quickly solve facts.


Ask students to stand. Click on the spinner and ask a student to solve the problem. If the product is less than 10, have the students jump to the right. If the product is greater than 10, have students jump to the left.


Ask students to solve the 2 times table within 5, 4, and 3 seconds. Show students the stack of cards on the interactive whiteboard. Explain that you will start the timer as soon as the cover is dragged away to show the first problem. Ask students to quickly solve and then drag that card away to show the next card. Try to complete the entire stack of cards before the timer runs out.

Check that students have automaticity of the 2 times table by asking the following question:
- Why is it important to have automaticity with the 2 times table?


Students are given ten questions in which they are asked to solve a set of problems from the 2 times table within the given time.


Discuss the importance of automaticity of the 2 times table. To close the lesson, play times table bingo. Spin the wheel and as a student to solve the problem. If the product is on the bingo card, drag a slash over that number on the bingo card. If you get three in a row vertically or horizontally you get a bingo.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty with the 2 times table can be given a times table card to practice. They may work in pairs with a timer to challenge each other to saying the entire times table in consecutively less time.

Instruction materials

Optional: Times table cards

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