Animals' teeth

Animals' teeth

I can identify that different animals have different types of teeth.

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Animals' teeth

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In this lesson, students will learn all about different animal teeth, their importance, and how the different types of teeth serve as an adaptation that helps these animals survive. Students will learn why animals need their teeth, and how looking and examining the size and shape of an animal's’ teeth can help us learn a lot about its diet. Students will learn about canines, molars, and incisors and why different animals rely on them. Students will slide to learn different facts about animals’ teeth, vote for which animal teeth they would want to have, and watch a video about different kinds of animal teeth. To test their knowledge students will identify statements about animals’ teeth as either true or false. The lesson will close with an activity in which students will think about an animal they find interesting. They will write a paragraph all about that animal and how they use their teeth to survive.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify that different animals’ have different types of teeth and why it is important to the animals’ survival.


Students will be introduced to the lesson by clicking to reveal the teeth of several different animals and then being asked to take 5 minutes to discuss as many reasons they think animals have teeth and why they are important.


Understand that animals’ primarily use their teeth for biting and chewing food. By examining the size and shape of an animals’ teeth, students can learn more about its lifestyle and diet. Teach students about canine teeth, and the type of animals that rely on them. Have students complete an activity in which they locate the canine teeth on a lioness. Explain to students why molars are helpful for certain animals and show them pictures of animals that rely on them. Tell students that they too have molars and ask them what they use theirs for. Instruct students on what exactly incisor teeth are and the different types of animals that use them and why. Have students read facts about different animals that use them and why. During the lesson, have students stop to discuss their answers to questions using knowledge they learned thus far with their classmates. Have students complete a fun activity in which they vote for the animal teeth that they would prefer to have. Guide students through activities, such as guessing which teeth belong to which animal, watching an instructional video and writing 3 facts about the teeth of an animal of their choice and what they need them for, and completing a true or false activity.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will complete an interactive activity in which they will think about an animal of their choice that they find interesting. Using information from the lesson, and outside resources if necessary students will write a paragraph all about that animal and how they use their teeth to survive. Once completed, students will read their final paragraph aloud to their classmates

Instruction materials

Students will need the following for activities in the lesson:
- Notebook
- Pencils
- Computer or Electronic Device for web activities

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