Analyze multiple accounts of the same event/topic
Analyze multiple accounts of the same event/topic

Analyze multiple accounts of the same event/topic

I can analyze multiple accounts of the same event.

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In this lesson, students will read multiple accounts of the same or similar events. They will analyze these accounts to better understand what happened. They will read about Zebulon Pike's journey, Susan B. Anthony, and the Titanic.



Learning objective

Students will be able to analyze multiple accounts of the same event and note important similarities and differences in point of view.


Students will turn and talk to a partner and describe a movie they have both seen and share their opinions of it. Then they will discuss how two people can experience the same event but feel differently about it.


Students will read an excerpt from Zebulon Pike's journals and talk about how the character felt throughout the passage. They will also read a secondhand account of Zebulon Pike's travels written by George Chester and answer the same question. Next, students will contrast how the two accounts are different and how they influenced the students' views of Pike's journey.

Students will also read Caroline Cowles Richards's journal entry of Susan B. Anthony's town hall meeting and discuss their points of view towards Susan B. Anthony's request. They will then read Susan B. Anthony's speech about her arrest. After that, they will compare the two accounts.


Review how to analyze multiple accounts of an event or topic.


Students will read an excerpt from an article, "The Sinking of the Titanic," and discuss how the author felt about the sinking of the Titanic. They will also read an excerpt about a woman's experience on the Titanic. They will discuss how the point of view from both passages are similar and how the two passages helped them understand the event.

Students will write a paragraph describing an event and their feelings about the event. Lastly, they will share their paragraphs with partners and discuss how their points of view are similar and different.


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