I can use adjectives in sentences.

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This lesson introduces build on knowledge of nouns and introduces adjectives as words that describe nouns. They will practice identifying adjectives, using adjectives in their speech, and writing with adjectives.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use adjectives in sentences.


Students will review nouns. They will then look at a picture of a turtle and use words to describe it. The words they used to describe the turtle may have been adjectives. Students will use adjectives to describe a painting.


Students will see how using adjectives in writing will help make their stories more interesting and descriptive. They will read a short passage about a clown at the circus.

Students will sort words into the categories, "Adjective" and "Not an Adjective." They will read sentences and identify the adjectives in each sentence. They will then sort adjectives into the categories: "Which one?" "What kind?" "How many?" They will read a longer passage about a family trip to an amusement park.


Review adjectives with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned about adjectives and do a think-pair-share activity brainstorming a list of adjectives and nouns. Each pair will work together to put adjectives and nouns into sentences with illustrations.

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