Additional common vowel teams

Additional common vowel teams

I can recognize each of the long vowel teams that do not follow a pattern.

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Additional common vowel teams

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In this lesson, students will learn the rule-breakers of the vowel teams that were covered in previous lessons. These vowel patterns do not follow the spelling pattern, "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.” This lesson covers the following vowel teams: ea, ey, ie, y (like e), and y (like i).



Learning objective

Students will be able to recognize each of the long vowel teams that do not follow a pattern within various words. Students can use what they know about these "rule breakers" to decode new words.


Students will review the vowel teams ay, ee, ie, oa, and ue.


Students will be introduced to five long vowel "rule-breakers": ea, ey, ie, y, and y. They will discuss with a partner about sounds those vowel teams might make. Next, they will look at a rule-breakers chart to see the sounds the five long vowel rule-breakers make. They will discuss the ea and ey vowel teams that sometimes make the long A sound, such as in "steak" or "they." They will listen to other words that have the ea and ey vowel teams with the long A sound. They will do the same with the other vowel teams, ie, y, and, and discuss that they sometimes make different vowel sounds. The vowel team "ie" can have a long E sound like in "field." When the letter "y" acts as vowel, it can also make the long E sound, like in "baby," or the long I sound, like in "why."

Students will read 10 sentences and identify the words that have long vowel rule breakers by underlining them. They will sort groups of words by their vowel team.


Students will review these "rule-breaker" vowel teams in ten questions in which they must identify words that have those vowel teams and rearrange letters to make words with the vowel teams.


Students will recall the "rule-breaker" vowel teams they learned in this lesson. They will look at several pictures and spell the words. (They are all words with ea, ey, ie, y, and y vowel teams.) Lastly, students will play a spin the wheel activity that practices words with the vowel teams from this lesson.

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