Addition to 100,000

Addition to 100,000

Students learn to add to 100,000.

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Addition to 100,000

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Students learn to add to 100,000.



Learning objective

Students will be able to add to 100,000 with and without regrouping the ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, or tens numbers.


Have the students fill in the math problems by determining the missing numbers. The animals can be dragged away to reveal the answer.


Show the sum 80,344 + 1,922. Explain that you first add the ten thousands numbers together (80,000). Now you add the thousands numbers together (1,000). Then the hundreds numbers (300 + 900 = 1,200). Next the tens numbers (40 + 20 = 60). And finally the ones values (4). Then you add all the answers together to get the final solution (82,264). Practice this solving method together with the students for the next problem. Then you have the students solve three problems on their own. Show the sum 22,318 + 29,923. Explain that you can use the same solving method for these larger numbers, then you show the last problem with an example of a different solving strategy. Discuss this problem with the students and ask which other methods they could use to solve the problem. Then the students solve three problems on their own.

Check whether the students can add to 100,000 with the following question:
- What method do you use to solve a problem like this one (22,318 + 29,923 =)?


The students first complete an assignment with 1 regrouping. In the next assignment there are more regroupings.


Discuss with the students the relevance of being able to add to 100,000. As a closing activity you can have the students make numbers by clicking on the shuffle button for each number. Then you add the two numbers together. If the number button shows a 10, you must click on the shuffle button again to get a different number.

Teaching tips

Students that have difficulty adding to 100,000 can first practice adding to 100,000 without regrouping with simple numbers. Then practice regrouping with simple numbers. Remind the students how you can split up the numbers in steps, so you can first fill in the number and then add the rest together.

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