Addition to 1,000 by counting, with hundreds
Addition to 1,000 by counting, with hundreds

Addition to 1,000 by counting, with hundreds

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Students learn to add numbers to 1,000 by counting with hundreds.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to be able to add to 1,000, so you can determine totals of large amounts.


The entire class counts forward or backward by turns. The interactive whiteboard gives starting numbers and if they should count forward or backward. Certain numbers have "special" effects, such as the 0 means that student must stand and spin in a circle.


Start by explaining to students that hundreds always end in 00. Tell them that they can add by counting amounts. You start by counting how many you already have- this is your first addend. Then you count how many are being added- that is your second addend. When you add them together, you have your total. Show this on the interactive whiteboard using the blocks and the money to discuss the different problems. Check that students understand by asking them to add the blocks. Ask students what addition problem they solved. Next say that you can add different kinds of addition problems in different ways. You can make use of a number line. You can also choose to add hundreds, then the tens, and then the ones. You can also add everything in your head at once. Emphasize that students should take a moment to decide which method best fits the addition problem that they are given. Ask students to solve a few addition problems. Ask them which method they used to solve the problems. Ask students to then solve some story problems after reminding them which steps to take to solve a story problem.

Check that students understand adding to 1,000 by asking the following question:
- How do you calculate 27+400?
- And 300+261?

Guided practice

Students first practice adding two addends with visual support, then are given an abstract addition problem, and then are given a story problem to solve.


Discuss with students that it is important to be able to add to 1,000, so you can determine the totals of larger amounts and determine the totals. Show a few addition problems on the interactive whiteboard and challenge students to solve as many problems as they can within the given time. When the time has run out, discuss the answers with the class.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty adding to 1,000 can use the number line as support. Show that they can take steps on the number line in different ways, they can take larger or smaller steps, depending on what makes it more clear to them. They can also use scratch-paper to calculate.

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