Add details to strengthen writing

Add details to strengthen writing

I can add details to make my writing stronger.

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Add details to strengthen writing

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Students learn to make their writing stronger by adding details to their writing. They do this by learning to ask questions like, why, how and what else to add more information to their writing.



Learning objective

Students will be able to add details to make their writing stronger.


Students are asked to review the steps of the writing process. Ask if they can give an example of brainstorming and drafts, perhaps taken from an exercise done in class.


Remind students that there are five steps to the writing process. Tell them that the focus today will be on revising and editing. One way to revise or edit your writing is by adding details. Ask the class if they can come up with what a detail might be. Have students form pairs and have them discuss the slide with the mouse for two minutes. Have them decide which sentence sounds better and determine why they think it sounds better. For groups that are done quickly, you can ask them if they want to improve the sentence even more. Define the word detail and explain that details give is more information about the why, how, and what else about a topic. Using different examples, give sentences that have been made stronger by adding a why, how, and what else to the given information. As a class, practice adding detail to the given sentences by first adding a why, then a how, and what else. Have the students form pairs and get out written work that was completed earlier. Have the partners exchange work and choose a sentence from their work to ask one of the three questions (why, how, or what else). Give each other time to rewrite or improve the sentence, then swap roles.


Students are given true/false questions in which they must decide if the given sentence is a strong sentence or not. Students are then asked to determine if a given detail tells us why, how or what else and end with defining a detail.


Discuss with students that they have now learned to add details to their writing during the editing and revising step of writing to make their writing stronger. To close the lesson, spin the wheel and have students create a strong sentence about the given word. Challenge them to make sure it answers at least one of the three questions. You may choose to do this in groups or pairs.

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